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Truro School 20-05-10

May 20, 2010

Match Report

I feared that we may be short of players last night as, intriguingly, ex-skipper Gripper had to pull out as he managed to put his back out putting on his wifes underwear! (his words not mine I hasten to add). Fortunately for Methigion the athletic, young James Evans was able to step in. This was even more fortunate for Evans senior as it mean’t that at least the average Evans running speed was bought back in line with the rest of the team.
We lost the toss and were asked to bowl, which initially seemed to be going very well. After 13 overs we had the teachers pinned back at 73-7 however they then put together a valuable partnership to finish on 126-7 from 20. Hook tried very hard to match the broken fingers feat that Evans managed to achieve a couple of years ago (2 consecutive and fairly brutally struck balls hit straight back at him while bowling up the hill) , but clearly they see a little more sunlight in A+E than they do in the Cath Lab and his bones were up to the job of stopping the ball. Three bowlers took 2 wickets each (Evans, Cooper and Hook) and it was only really at the end of the innings, when Truro were in hitting mood, that the economy slipped.
Needing just over a run per ball, Methigion kept pace throughout most of their innings with a fine anchoring innings of 34 from Evans and some useful contributions from Pring (17) and Dommett (14) but unfortunately the failing light and some tight bowling, including a hat-trick to finish our innings mean’t we fell 13 runs short of our target.
Overall a really enjoyable and competitive game. Verdict: Honourable defeat.


May 20, 2010

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