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31/05/17 St. Gluvias, Away

May 31, 2017

Team Sheet

  1. Edwards
  2. Stableforth
  3. Hutton
  4. Farrar
  5. Dinuka
  6. Dush
  7. Blake
  8. Van-lingen
  9. Gripper
  10. F Blake


Match Report

A respectable bowling and fielding performance limited St Gluvias to 114-8 from 20 overs. Many thanks to Mr F Blake for sterling work at fine leg -hopefully the start of a glittering Methigion career. Also thanks must go to St Gluvias for loaning first Rafe -the arm( tangerine deficient) and some other bloke on the boundary (deaf immoveable -also tangerine deficient). Good bowling from Dinuka 1-17, Farrar 2-16 Gripper 2-24 and Van lingen 1-24. Edwards bowled a few but these were mainly credited by the scorer to Farrar however I think he got 2-28. This counting business is proving tricky.

Emulating Englands ODI early order collapse we were soon 8-4 off 7 overs. his proved a landmark moment when our run total exceeded the number of over bowled. Stableforth can count himself unlucky to be run out by Rafe the arm- perhaps the Ritalin had worn off. The pretty handy opening bowling from St Gluvias did for us in the end despite a spirited mid/late order flurry led by Farrar-31NO helped by Edwards 20NO and more importantly Extras- 39!!

7 short in the end -robbed cheated deflated despondent- but heh it’s only a game- Bill that should count as sports counselling.

Falmouth away next Monday- feels like a performance is coming-maybe.



May 31, 2017

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