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Team Sheet

  1. Edwards
  2. Farrar
  3. Van lingen
  4. Hutton
  6. Patterson
  7. Farrar J
  8. Eas
  9. Eas A
  10. Aru
  11. Dinuka


Match Report

Grey, dry and High tide at Boscawen. The groundsman had forgot we were playing and the pitch resembled an allotment- so a good start.

The useless tosser called correctly for a change and elected to bat seeing the opposition had only 9. It was hard work for all the batsmen with boundaries few & far between given the lush outfield. Hutton was seeing it pretty well (16)- the pneumonia clearly helping. A swift 16 from Dinuka and 14 from VIOLARIS kept things edging towards respectability. Van lingen (10)would have score more if it wasn’t for Edwards fending his sweetly timed on drive away with his right ear and going down like a sack of sh**.

Milking it for all I was worth I felt quite touched by the initial sympathy from my teammates- clearly they thought I was dead and were rapidly aligning themselves for the Captaincy. Once realising I would fight on the disappointed rabble reverted to type and started trying to arrange unnecessary scans.

We finished on 83 which we thought was OK given the conditions. There then followed the best bowling I’ve seen by a Methigion side for some time. Swing, pace, seam, corridors, fizz, bite etc etc. We had them 8-3 after 4 overs. Dinuka (4-5-3), Patterson (4-9-1), Violaris(4-19-1) all bowled with real venom brilliantly coached by Hutton at Mid-off. This was superbly supported later in the innings by J Farrar(4-19-0) who was just what we needed at the death. RVL(2-4-1) and Akshay (2-9-1) bowled beautifully when the run chase was on.

Can you believe, it another win- they finished 6 short.

Well done everyone- next week is Mt Hawke on Tuesday….you never know