v Seaview Away

Seaview Away

Team Sheet

 1) Edwards

2) Van lingen

3) Blake

4) Dinuka

5) Gripper

6) French Constant

7) Bebb

8) Saurabh

9) Stableforth

10) Arumagan



Match Report

Furious media interest in this fixture led to it being upgraded to the Falmouth 1st team pitch- a bit like the coliseum with less lions. I decided we only needed 10 men so as to give Seaview a glimmer. Seaview warmed themselves up with a few pints from the bar whilst Methigion mainlined the non-steroidals and positioned the Duck tape in what has to be said were extremely professional changing facilities.

Batting first (useless tosser-again(6 in a row)). Van lingen & Bebb, in the form of their lives put on 70 off 10 overs. There was some mention of dropped catches (or sitters as described by some) but as umpire I have no memory of this and won’t mention it again in this match report. So the runs flowed and all was well until retirements and angina bought A.B Stableforth then French Constant briefly to the crease. A.B was unfortunate to choose a straight one to hit into the sea and French-Constant walked admirably after the finest of edges to the keeper down leg side. Excellent rallying from Gripper(12) & Dinuka (22NO)followed. Edwards conspiratorially joined French Constant in the Duck d-or camp receiving an unplayable ball 1st up prior to Blake characteristically anchoring the innings-unluckily holing out at long off from the last ball of the innings. 115 total- pretty good we thought but maybe 15 below par given such a good start.

It was such a shame that Seaview’s opening 3 could bat and bat quite well. They were even able to guide the ball into areas where the Methigion captain had moved players from with annoying regularity. They were soon scoring at 7 an over and up to 80 from 14. Gallant contributions from French constant (2-1-15), Sarkar (2-0-20) and Dinuka (3-0-18)- against the talented opening 3.

However cometh the Van lingen (4-2-16), Aru (2-2-21) and Horatio A.B Stableforth(2-3-8!) triumvirate of bowling astonishment, the Methigion squeeze nearly looked possible. But alas Horatio couldn’t resist catching off his own bowling and aiming the ball at the tail enders stumps- so their retired big guns came back in to murder Edwards again (3.1-0-18) and win in the 19th (pretty sure that’s what happened).

Very pleasant evening and excellent venue. The post match beer conversation centred on new caps for Dave to buy- concentric stripes with a long tassle and attached ponytail. Dave if you can have those ready please for Wednesday 5/7. The most unsuccessful Methigion Captain of all time is in rehab in Brittany so I’m sure there will be gold medals all round for the St Gluvias game at Boscawen- I will be watching closely from my Cote Du Rhone induced coma.