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Team Sheet

  1. Edwards
  2. French constant
  3. Bebb
  4. Van-lingen
  5. Tiley
  6. Arumagan
  7. Eas
  8. Gripper
  9. Walden M
  10. Walden N
  11. Davies


Match Report

Apologies for the rushed match report. I’ll be brief. Our useless tosser was forced into field again where the far too youthfull and athletic 9 Camborne SOM players proceeded to make hay in the sunshine. 196-6 off 20!

A gallant but ultimately unsuccessful run chase ended at 125-9 off 20. Next time we’ll see if they will play us with only 8.

No-one was hurt (physically) and I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to grow cumquats in the Heron afterwards.