2012 Records

12/06/2012 (Rescheduled) – Methigion v Mt Ambrose – a

1) M Gripper
2) E Botha
3) A Khurana
4) M Suleman
5) A Patwhardan
6) C Blake
7) J Pring
8) Eas
9) R van Lingen
10) I Bishop
11) G Hirst


Match report:


Well – some themes are appearing this year. A damp day, doubts about whether rain will call it off, I lose the toss, I open my bag, realise I have left my kit behind! Thankfully after the “T-shirt of Strength” last week for me Gripper had brought the “White Shorts of Power” this week, and I strode out to open with Mark looking like a German tourist. I was still feeling a little aggrieved after last week’s loss to them, as I felt I had given them a little too much leeway, and was very keen to go down fighting this week. Thankfully neither Gripper switching back to his half bat so he didn’t overbalance, nor me looking like I came from the Costa del Sol adversely affected us much, and we managed to put on a few runs. Still not quite as fast as I had hoped – variable bounce and reasonable bowling kept the run rate tight but we gradually pushed it up from 3 to 4 per over, and last weeks low 70’s looked to be avoided. Mark eventually got caught for a hard earned 18, and then Bish just got going before being caught on 16. Certainly no slogging wicket, and after I went soon after, again caught, trying to tonk a full toss, Eas and Ettienne showed the aggressive application in the final overs for 12 each to leave us on 117 for 5, just shy of a respectable 6 an over. Mr Blake faced just 1 ball, but definitely addressed it in a surgical manner as instructed!! A nicely constructed innings I thought.
A much better total to defend, and Bish and I opened the bowling for the first 8 overs, with a pair of wickets each and reasonable economy. Some great keeping by Giles again despite some variable quality bowling by myself. Then followed the Gripper / Botha show, and again fantastic economy just like last week – Mt Ambrose appear to be their bunnies! 3 wickets for 7 off 4 for Ettienne, and another hat trick ball! The match looked fairly wrapped up by now, and Ash and Muddasser came on to tease them. Great turn from the ball, umm, when it hit the strip!! It has to said that some mystery balls were bowled that confused everyone! Although to be fair to some of Muddasser’s wides I am not sure Mt Ambrose really understand the definition. They seem happy to allow leg side deliveries, but off side balls skimming the edge were given wide!! I am still waiting for the first catch off a wide! But there is defintely a fine waiting for Patwhardan. Expressly moving the captain’s field against his advice is 1 point, not appreciating the captain’s wisdom despite catches and runs going to that position is another point, and Mr Blakes complicity in this mutinous behaviour is a further point to both. I will remember this on tour.
So – they finished 75 for 7 (19 extras!!) and a comprehensive victory by Methigion. Pity this is only classified as a friendly, but it cheered me up no end. Now Mark is trying to sell me the “Shorts of Power” for an exorbitant fee! But Mrs van Lingen says we have no money.
That’s the first leg of the league games run, and I hope our form continues in the second half.
Posted by Robin “Knobbly Knees” van Lingen


09/05/2012 – Methigion v RCHT Juniors – h

1) J Ellis
2) R van Lingen
3) N Walden
4) +- M Walden
5) E Botha
6) D Farrar
7) A Patwhardan
8) M Suleman
9) Eas
10) N Munro
11) J Pring
12) I Bishop
13) A Edwards


16/05/2012 – Methigion v PMS – h

1) Aru
2) R Marshall


Match report:


Methigion v PMS

In standard Boscawen Park murk Methigion opened its season three weeks late with a very agreeable game against PMS. Unlike some previous years the whole PMS team were dressed in whites and there were several seriously good cricketers. Captain Farrar was in charge as RVL had “work” in Paris!!

 Methigion opened the batting with the vintage pair, Marshall and Gripper. Always  eager to be at the cutting edge of cricket technology Gripper came into bat attached to his “Helmetcam” hoping to film an innings of Spielberg epic proportions. Sadly the film had more in common with a TV commercial in terms of length and entertainment value, the cameraman losing his wicket for 2 runs. We than saw some vintage Marshall in difficult conditions  with a  good partnership with Aru against some good bowlers from PMS. Both Marshall and Aru scoring 19 runs. Ayush  and Botha both got started, but wickets fell and none of the batters were really able to get much momentum generated. Methigion finished with 95 all out on the penultimate ball of our 20 overs.

Ellis and Botha opened the bowling with tight spells and PMS slowly got behind the run rate required. All the bowlers were fairly economical and most had a wicket or two. Not easy for batting with the soft pitch and increasing gloom. The PMS captain Hadfield sportingly put himself down the order coming in at number 8 and leaving it too late to rescue his team, which I am sure he could easily have done given his substantial ability. Despite him scoring a rapid 28 in the closing overs it was too little too late and Methigion won by 15 runs. Methigion highlights in the field were a very rare Methigion slip catch by Aru, and a Shane Warne moment when Mudassar bowled one of the PMS batsmen behind his legs with him thinking it was unnecessary to even play a stroke!

A most agreeable and generously sporting contest which surprisingly Methigion won.

Good luck to all the PMS players with the remains of their undergraduate years and to those team members who start F1 jobs in August.  Thanks for a good game. 


22/05/2012 – St Day v Methigion – a

1) M Gripper
2) D Farrar
3) R van Lingen
4) E Botha
5) M Suleman
6) A Patwardhan
7) A Khurana
8) I Bishop
9) J Cooper
10) Eas
11) A Edwards
Match report:


Well, the words “thrashing” and “Methigion” are frequently used in the same sentence, but usually as the thrashees, not the thrashers! Tonight was to be different…
Playing on a pitch that looked like the Himlayas covered in grass, with an outfield high enough to hide small mammals, did not stop Bish scoring a rapid 59, including 5 sixes, to set us up for a great total. Everyone chipped in, with a 41 by Dave, to leave us 169 for 5 after 20 overs. Not quite a MCC record, but definitely falling into the “over achieving” category.
It was always going to be a long ask for st Day, and after the rather menacing 6’6″ openers Andrew “Joel Garner” Edwards and Ian “Ian Bishop” Bishop (hah – see what I did there!) had cowed them with a bit of chin music, I could relax and rotate everyone to bowl 2 overs, quicks first, spinners last, because of the gloomy conditions. Except for Ettienne, who got 3 overs cos he was on a hat trick ball at the end of the second, and Ayush, who bowled his 2 overs in one thanks to serially testing the Umpires knowledge of the definition of a wide! But all bowled well, good fielding and catches, and St Day eaked out 93 for 6. I even gave them Mark “Helmet Cam Man” Gripper at the death to tease them, but thankfully wearing electronic equipment on his head seems to have given him strange powers and there was no repeat of the dreaded “Llanhydrock Over”.
So, on paper this always looked like a strong team, and it certainly translated into a comprehensive victory on the night. The first League game of the season, and we shall see whether we can continue this rich vein of form going forward.
Posted by El Capitan Roberto

30/05/2012 – Methigion v Perranporth – a


1) Aru
2) R van Lingen
3) M Suleman
4) J Cooper
5) G Hirst
6) M Gripper
7) Eas
8) J Ellis
9) S Sarkar
10) E Botha
11) C Blake


Match report:


So, home game, weather behaving, good looking home pitch, good win last week – what would the Perranporth game bring. My lucky 50p piece lost me the toss again, and they elected to bat. Some tight openng bowling by Botha and Ellis kept the run rate down, but the opener looked like he mght make runs if he got hold of the ball. After ex-skipper Gripper dropped an early skyer, the batsman contnued to tease us by dropping balls around the fielders at the mid on position like mortar bombs. Finally Ettiene had had enough and hurtled out into the field to catch one off his own bowling. After that there was a slow but steady fall of wickets, tight fieldng, and almost no boundaries. I doubt there were more than 3 fours, making a low total an inevitable. The batsmen coming out steadily became shorter and more distant from the shaving age. 2 wckets for Ettienne and Mudasser, a screamer of a catch from Eas at slip, a first ball wicket for Saurabh and some great keeping from Giles were all highlights. But our square turning spinners did keep the umpires busy – the highest scorer was Mr Wide at 13!! Final total – 55-9.
Ooooh – could we get this? MCC have collpased for less! But a steady opening partnership by Cooper (18) and Hirst (9) before both holed out aiming for the boundaries. Muddasser “Quick as a Rabbitt” Suleman was out for a very useful 17 after another cheeky single was just a little too cheeky. No collapse,but it has to be pointed out that their bowlers were all pretty useful, and it did take us a 14 overs to get the required total – a larger figure and we may have been sweating a bit!! 56 for 3 at the end.
Nevertheless, another comprehensive victory and back to back wins means a good start to the season. This is my last bulletin as a free and single man – next report will come wth my wooly slippers on after the future Mrs van Lingen makes the best decision of her life this Saturday!!
ps. The “i” – button on my computer is broken – astonishingly annoying – please bear this in mind when spotting editing errors.
Posted by Batchelor Bob

06/06/2012 – Methigion v Mt Ambrose – h

1) Aru
2) D Farrar
3) J Griffiths
4) M Gripper
5) M Suleman
6) R van Lingen
7) N Walden
8) M Walden
9) E Botha
10) A Khurana
11) G Hirst
Match Details:
Winning the toss for the first time this season appears to not be agood omen. Stcky muddy wicket, but firm underneath, and e batted frst (obviously). The Grippers exit first ball of the match, falliing over on top of his on wiicket, was again in hindsight not a great omen. Apart from the anchoring innings of Aru throughout (34 not out) just about every other score had a one or nought in it – like some form of binary code as Ettienne put it. Average age of side about 15, with some useful bowlers, but just very difficult to get the ball away. Ending on a less than competitive 71 for 8 off 20 we were always heading for a drubbing.
I suspect though they got a little complacent, and sent out some of their more junior members to roll us over. But some very economical bowling by Gripper the Ripper and Bomber Botha meant they were struggling with their run rate at one stage – 2 maidens each and final figures of 1-4 for Mark and 0-2 for Ettienne. Special mention of Giles’ keeping should also be mentioned. Unfotunately some fool then got the dot ball bunnies out! This meant they could send in some heavier hitters, and even an “almost hat trick” from Neil failed to stem the tide. They got 72 in 18 overs for 6 wickets – a sound victory but not the drubbing it should have been.
So – rematch next Tuesday – being that soon I will be plotting revenge now that I have a good idea of their strengths and weaknesses. Beating them will of course be key for a good final position in the league, but at the moment we have reverted to the usual mid summer monsoon weather and whether it goes ahead will be anyones guess.

Posted by Robin “Ball and Chained” van Lingen

14/06/2012 – Truro School Masters v Methigion – h

1) Aru
2) D Farrar
3) E Botha
4) M Gripper
5) R Marshall
6) J Ellis
7) A Khurana
8) R van Lingen

20/06/2012 – Methigion v Winter Rule – h

1) Aru
2) D Farrar
3) E Botha
4) A Patwardhan
5) R van Lingen
6) Eas
7) C Blake
8) J Pring
9) M Suleman
10) I Bishop

24/06/2012 – Methigion v Devoran – h

1) R van Lingen
2) M Gripper
3) D Farrar
4) J Ellis
5) D Tremayne
6) E Ffrench-Constant
7) C Blake
8) A Patwardhan

27/06/2012 – Methigion v St Day – h

1) M Gripper
2) D Farrar
3) R van Lingen
4) M Suleman
5) A Patwardhan
6) E Botha
7) I Bishop

17/07/2012 – Perranporth v Methigion – a

 1. J Fletcher
2. Gripper
3. Farrar
4. Dalton
5. Marcello
6. Mudassar
7. J. Gripper
8. D Hewett
9. I Bishop
10. Bishop (Jnr)
11. J Pring
Match report:
The last league game of the season, re-arranged due to rain, and finally the weather behaved. But it was clear from the outset the eager young athletes furiously practising around the ground were Perranporth’s A-team!! They clearly had plans to nail their first position in the table this year. The late withdrawal due to injury of young Marcello meant I had to play – while on call!!. Dave captained and won the toss, electing to bat. Despite the fearsome pace attack Perranporth put on, mohawk hairstyles and all, we made a good fist of it with everyone making some runs at a reasonable rate, but most falling just as they got in. Dave’s 38 not out was the highlight though, but at 101 at the end it did look a little light to defend. If Dave had not kept running out his partners maybe we could have squeezed a few more onto the total board…. Children, the injured  – no-one was spared his merciless hunt for the quick single!
The key was always going to be economy, and we got off to a good start. Bish and I opened, to get me out of the way in case I got called, and 3 wickets after the first 8 at about 3 an over left Perran looking a little less complacent about the victory. Astonishing catches x 2 by John, and one of the best catches ever by Dave Hewitt deserve special mention. You can see young Gripper is a chip off the old block – youthful, fast, energetic – all the attributes he inherited from his mother I presume? Good bowling spells by Gripper Snr and Gripper Jnr kept things tight, but half chance after half chance did not go our way, and slowly the batsmen settled and increased their aggression. I failed to hang onto a catch off Gripper Jnr, after he took 2 off mine, but if it is any consolation John I still can’t open doors this morning with my left hand!! We didn’t manage to injure their opener sufficiently to go off, and he finished us off with a runner on an unbeaten 55 in the 18th over. Close, but no cigar.
But a great game to end the season, pretty close, and with a smidge more luck Perran may have looked very foolish with the aggressive side they sent out to ensure a win. So that is the end of the season, and like so many Methigion performances, we “coulda been contenders” this season, but it wasn’t to be. The rain has definitely not helped!
Back to the drawing board for next year, but I think we can be proud of our performance, and we have looked a force to be reckoned with by any side this season.
Now on to the “friendlies”. Like their is a “friendly” game in sport….
Posted by RvL

12/07/2012 – Perranarworthal v Methigion – a CANCELLED

1. Gripper
2. Blake
3. Pring
4. Mudassar
5. Aru
6. Eas
7. Bishop


14/07/2012 – Further Friars v Methigion – a

1) N Walden
2) J Walden
3) R Thomas
4) R van Lingen
5) Mudassar
6) M Walden
7) G Stonehouse (Contact via Richard Thomas)
8) J Stonehouse  (Contact via Richard Thomas)
9) T Thomas c/o N Walden
10) ? Additional Walden assosciate
Match report:
Well, the rain managed to clear just in time for us to take to the field. Extraordinary pitch – mud, pure mud, that bounced! And turned! And sometimes did what it should and skid low. A mighty 9 for Methigion, 5 adults, 4 children, and the fantastic Grace as no 10 at fine leg for the fielding session. Unfortunately, having lost the toss, Methig’s wickets fell slowly and steadily, and we were looking at an absolute caning when we were 50 odd for 7! But a fantastic last wicket stand by Stonehouse (Jnr) – 25 –  and Thomas (Snr) – 16 NO –  salvaged some pride, and we ended 95 for 8. Special mention of Max’s 12 – third highest score – Max famously held them off for about 20 overs last year while I tried to chase down their total!! The Friars view Max with great trepidation, although they don’t understand how you can enter Medical School so young! We couldn’t quite repeat last years heroic unfortunately.
After the van Lingen tea, a fairly Spartan affair without the assistance of Mrs vL, we opened with Max from one end and the leg spin of his mate Tommy from the other. Awesome!! Both bowled fantastically. Cornwall’s cricketing future is looking good! A wicket apiece, although both deserved more. Then George, flushed with his top score 25, tore them apart from the downhill “bump in the pitch” end – 3 wickets and the Friars weren’t looking so smug anymore. Unfortunately Muddassers leg spin radar is still not completely tuned in, and I didn’t make much impact, and the Friars slowly made it across the line for 6 wickets.
Despite the shenanigans of the pitch and the swamp like conditions a fun day out. It would be nice if next year could be a sunny day with a full team – the Friars are a scalp that continues to elude me!
Posted by RvL

18/07/2012 – Chacewater v Methigion – a

1. Farrar If not played on Tues 17th
2. Mudassar
3. Aru
4. van Lingen
5. J Ellis
6. J Pring
7. D Tremayne

25/07/2012 – Lanhydrock v Methigion – a

1. Farrar
2. J Ellis
3. M Gripper
4. R Marshall
5. R van Lingen
6. A Edwards
7. A Khurana
8. E Botha
9. D Tremaine
10. I Davies
Match report:
A beautiful ground, albeit a bit hilly, and finally a proper summer day. We batted first, a guests perogative, and they wheeled out a series of fairly useful looking bowlers who proceeded to chip away our top order in pretty rapid order. Particularly annoying the 3 wickets off the brothers Trethewey combo – 1 bowling, 1 catching in covers. Mark made a decent 9, and should have had a few more if the slope hadn’t stopped the boundaries. 6 for 31 off 12 wasn’t looking that healthy!! With only 10 playing was this to be Methigions first true collapse of the season?? Thankfully cometh the hour cometh the Edwards / Botha combo, who managed to steer us to a far better 91 for 6 at the close. 36 not out for Andrew and 13 for Ettienne.
It was always pretty clear they were going to get the target easily, but their charitable bowling rotation was also followed by a fairly charitable batting order reversal, and so we managed to hold our heads high and drag matters out to the 20th over. Mark was spared the horror of last years 28 off the 19th, and in fact all bowlers had very good looking figures at the end. Difficult death bowling for Johhny who did very well, but the best figures go to Andrew at 2-12 off 4, and Dave “The best left arm offspinner in Cornwall” Tremain at 2-5 off 2. Although 1 was only 8 years old. And I told him not to get him out. Because then the nasty big boys came in who smashed the ball all over the place to get the total easily. Oh, and Andrew’s one wicket was their usual no 11. Who left the ball. Pitched at the base of middle stump.
So, the usual silver medal for Methigion, but at least we played almost 40 overs on a lovely summer’s day.
Posted by RvL

31/07/2012 – Methigion v Stephens Scown – h

1. D Farrar
2. M Gripper
3. J Ellis
4. R Marshall
5. M Suleman
6. Harry Gripper
7. Alex Galloway
8. R van Lingen
9. H Dalton
10. M Jones
11. E Botha
12. Paul Gripper
Match report:
The highlight of the friendly against the lawyers is always the post match “braai” – I think they secretely fancy being South Africans – meaning we bat first. Rules were 2 runs for wides and no balls, with no extra ball, and retire at 25. Good opening stand by Dave for 28 before retiring, and Ettienne, Harry and Johnny all making useful runs, left us on 110 after 20 overs. They had 1 very useful bowler who tied us up for 4 overs, making Marshall’s comments we were “playing for our averages” a little hurtful, but it was still an innings dominated surprisingly by singles rather than boundaries.
A useful total at the end which allowed me to bowl everyone for 2 overs in true friendly fashion. Decent bowling by everyone, but the highlight is the now famous “Gripper” end. Late withdrawal of Marcello due to injury allowed P Gripper to enter the fray too, and H, M and P Gripper tieing up one end was a treat. Including a “bowled Gripper, caught Gripper” moment! SS dug in and battled through, but finished 20ish runs short at the end, with Harry G bowling a very tight final 2 overs of leg spin.
Good BBQ after as always  – looking forward to it again next year.
Posted by RvL

08/08/2012 – Grampound Over 40’s v Methigion – a

1) M Gripper
2) Harry Gripper
3) ?Paul Gripper
4) I Davies
5) D Farrar
6) E Botha
7) J Ellis
8) Eas
9) Aru
10) C Blake
11) R van Lingen
Match report:
Last years total set by Grampound was ridiculous – 166 – but we got as far as 148 before running out of overs. What was going to happen this year?? Grampound Veterans, looking younger every year with many members looking very short and pimply for 40 year olds, won the toss and elected to bat. Muddy stodgy pitch where everything sat up and begged to be hit!! I have lost the scorebook, so can’t be precise about bowling figures, but everyone put in a good performance despite this and we managed to peg them back to a much more reasonable run rate than last year. Hoping for something magical I did rather sacrfice poor young Harry “Gripper the Ripper” II for an over, but we steadily took wickets and 131 at the close with only a wicket or 2 left to them was a lot better than last year. Fantastic catch by Ian the highlight of the fielding. As opposed to the more “destiny” led fielding of Mr Blake. Although his new custom made flannels are rather natty!
So – could we repeat the legendary run chase of last year??? Good intent by everyone to “get on with it”, but unfortunately rather than “coming to the party” we mostly turned up for a quick beer in the kitchen and went home early! Dave made a great 20 something to start, and at one stage things were looing promising, but Aru appeared determined to wrestle the “run out” king title of Farrar this year, and possibly even equal Dalton’s legendary 4-in-a-match benchmark performance. Although his third run out was himself! Middle order wickets fell rapidly unfortunately and we were braced for a legendary Methigion collapse. Until youngest Gripper strode to the crease. Very steely nock by young Harry, but when he eventually fell his father and I only manged to stay in for another few balls before I holed out on the mid wicket boundary in the 18th over. Not sure what the final total was – 80’s / 90’s?? – but way short.
Another silver medal for Methigion. We should be performance directors for the Olympics. Evenings are getting darker, and 3 weekday matches to go before the end of the season. Lets see if we manage to outperform and add a gold to the silverware before the close.
Posted by RvL

15/08/2012 – Nancledra Over 40’s v Methigion – a

1. J Pring
2. I Davies
3. C Blake
4. M Gripper
5. H Gripper
6. R Marshall
7. E Botha
8. R van Lingen
9. M Suleman
10. N Walden
11. M Walden

22/08/2012 – Methigion v Cowethas Crusaders – h

1. C Blake
2. M Suleman
3. R van Lingen
4. R Marshall
5. M Walden
6. J Walden
7. N Walden
8. Jordan Price?
9. M Gripper
10. M Stead
11. I Davies
12. Eas
Match report:
Well, CC appear to have nicked some talented bowlers from somewhere for this season!! Having won the toss and elected to bat, they wheeled out a rather useful looking set of fast and spin bowlers. Nothing like I remember them from last year. Including a definite ringer from Harrow! Nice seeing Mathew back, who made a decent 10, and great top scoring innings from Ian at 16, including a lusty blow for 6, but the rest of us never troubled the bowlers for long. 58 for 10 after 17 – the first semi proper MCC collpase in ages??
Thinking it would soon be all over they charitably reversed their batting order, but it turned out to be not quite as straightforward in the dying late summer light. Pretty nifty figures from all bowlers – Max, opening, 1 for 2, Mudasser 2-17, Jordan 1 for 17 – suddenly it was game on. But it was Mark “The Ripper” Gripper who truly took a sword to their middle order. Making up for his silver duck he took 3 for 10 off 4, including an astonishing ball which turned from the pitch edge to take out off stump on one ball (via a teeny weeny inside edge). Lanhydrock is now nothing but a distant memory. With the off side “Cordon of Steel” fielders Marshall and Stead the runs dried up and they started to run out of wickets. Fantastic catch by Max in the deep, and they were down to their last wicket needing about 6 runs. Sadly, a legendary Methigion victory was not on the cards, and they managed to eventually get the last runs in the 17th over. But a very close game none the less, and very enjoyable.
So, 2 more games of the season, and I am sure we can organise a proper collpase yet….
Posted by RvL

29/08/2012 – Methigion v St Erme – h

1. D Farrar
2. R van Lingen
3. D Tremayne
4. Eas
5. M Suleman
6. J Farrar
7. N Walden
8. M Walden
9. J Walden
10. M Gripper
11. M Stead
Match report:
The final week day game, and a very wet and muddy match. No help from the St Erme covers, and a quick 2 minute downpour 5 minutes before the start ensured a waterlogged ball. Lost the toss and we faced the inevitable march of St Ermes batsmen posting a big total – retiring at 25 they reached about 95 for the loss of only 2 wickets off 16 overs. The ball was raining down all over the ground, but only 2 good catches to Mark and Matthew went to hand. The score could have been higher, but the ground was so wet little was making it to the boundary. Managed to bowl 7 people despite the light limiting us to 16 overs – reasonable figures for all.
Could we get close?? A long and gritty opening 10 by Mark, but he couldn’t get quite enough away to turn it into a big score. Good quick fire 15 from Dave gave us a glimmer of hope. But the most memorable innings young T Thomas – 11 not out, including an extraordinary reverse sweep!!! Sadly we were about 30 runs short at the end after 16 overs, with only 2 or 3 boundaries being hit. It didn’t help that it appeared to be a free for all run out fest, with everyone trying to run everyone else out ball after ball. Some were very succesful at it too! Methigioners do not seem to have grasped the concept that “calling” involves vocal communication, not a random “run and hope” strategy.
Final game this weekend before the season, and then it will be the end of another season in Methigions long march through the years. Almost time to rack up the bat for the winter again…

02/09/2012 – St Mawgan v Methigion – a

1. M Suleman
2. R van Lingen
3. J Farrar
4. ?D Farrar
5. N Walden
6. M Walden
7. ?T Thomas
8. I Davies
9. M Stead