2011 Mining League


Thursday 17th Feb  8.00-9.30pm
Thursday 24th March  8.00-9.30pm
Wednesday 20th April  8.00-9.30pm

04/05/2011 – Methigion v Mt Hawke – h

1) R van Lingen
2) D Farrar
3) M Gripper
4) E Botha
5) A Patwardhan
6) T Shaw
7) C Blake
8) P Easwaran
9) A Edwards
10) J Pring
11) E Ffrench-Constant
(11) Waldens -N/J/M – (possibly – late start but only if short)


Match report:


How better to start the competitive season than losing by 1 run to a bye on the last ball of the match in deepening gloom? Well, by thrashing them of course, but this is Methigion. Having lost the toss to Mt Hawke they promptly gave us back the only tactical advantage we ever have by asking to bat first, thus leaving them with the threat of they dying light later. Good batting performances then ensued throughout our top to middle order, with best being Botha 21 and Farrar 25. An aggressive 16 from Blake and stylish 13 from Patwhardan meant we reached the almost unheard of total of 103 for 8, and I predict that Grippper and his ‘Goose will score big runs this season – he is unlucky to have been run out for 8 in 2 consecutive games.
The run chase in the rapidly (as predicted) fading light proceeded to get tenser and tenser as tight bowling, some early key dismissals and the usual few missed half chances increased the pressure on Mt Hawke. All 7 bowlers contributed, with no massive wicket haul to anyone, and the fielding was impressive by everyone too. So, something like 6 runs needed off the last over, with Edwards bowling fantastically well at the death after a long lay off due to a back injury (could Interventional Radiologists be as fragile as Interventional Cardiologists?). A bungled run out opportunity by myself left the scores equal on the last ball, and in the now Stygian gloom Eas missed a ball down leg side allowing a scrambled single for Mt Hawke to win.
Credit must go to Mt Hawke for allowing us to finish the game in these conditions, but as Mark put it “defeat, but not dishonour” for us against a very strong side. Let’s have more of those games this season please!!


Posted by Captain Bobby


10/05/2011 – Mt Ambrose v Methigion – a

1) R van Lingen
2) D Farrar

3) M Gripper

4) N Walden
5) A Patwardhan
6) M Stead
7) P Easwaran
8) E Botha
9) J Pring
10) J Fletcher
11) M Suleman


Match report:


Can you Adam and Eve it?? 2 games – 2 losses on the last ball!! Possibly I am cursed. After again scrambling for last minute players (thank you John and Mudasser) we fielded a full side and I won the toss for the first time this season. The Gripper and his ‘Goose are steadily increasing their average with their quick fire 12 at the top of the order, and Farrar is on fire this year with another aggressive 24 at 4. “No fear” batting through the order, with a great 12 by Pring (including some audacious running – turns out he heard the wicket keeper call for the second, not Dave!) and an important late charge from Patwardhan and Walden (10 and 17, including a 6 from Neil) gave us a very competitive total of 97 to defend off a well judged 8 wickets.
A few early wickets and a couple of tight overs, and suddenly the pressure was on again. Dave nearly took a hat trick on his last over and suddenly Methigion’s cruelest mistress, Hope, was insiduosly rearing her beautiful head. Tight fielding by all, a great catch by Ash in the deep, and we were down to the last few overs. The light was holding up, their no 3 was anchoring the innings in his 30’s – which way would the match swing? Final over, 2 balls to go, Dave runs out no 6 with a direct hit and Lady Hope may finally give us a break. 2 runs needed off the last ball, and of course they manage to scramble through somehow off an agricultural swipe. Bitch. You would have thought we had paid our dues by now.
Ahh well, this ridiculous run of form can’t continue for long, but it has definitely made for a couple of fantastic games early up in the season. Methigionites, I am proud of our performance! Bring on the next game.


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18/05/2011 – Methigion v St Day – h

1) R van Lingen
2) D Farrar
3) P Arumugam
4) P Mitchelmore
5) T Shaw
6) A Patwardhan
7) M Gripper
8) M Suleman
9) M Stead
10) P Easwaran
11) C Blake
12) ??J Garman – reserve


Match report:


Victory, sweet victory comrades – at long last!! And no final ball silly nonsense either.
Thanks to a rapid an aggressive 40 by Gripper and his ‘Goose (ahem, before being unneccessarily run out by myself – sorry Mark) MCC were looking at a very respectable 113/3 after our 20 overs. Probably should have been another 10-20 runs ahead but the bowling tightened up considerably in the last few runs, and despite me trying to throw the kitchen sink at every delivery, actually making contact with the ball would have helped. There was one controversial moment when I nearly ran Blake out (again – sorry Chris) but the umpires judges he had broken the bails with his hands and not the ball.
Fantastic tight bowling right from the outset squeezed the run rate and rapid wickets fell – 3 for Dave being the best haul. 3 for 3 in 3 overs  –  not a bad start. In all 3 games so far I think the contribution by everyone in the field has been great, and yesterday we held onto most of our chances, with several good catches – no-one believed Dave could dive that far! – and a stumping by Matthew. This meant we were in a comfortable position throughout the defense, although runs (and extras) started to creep up a little at the end. Or a lot. Despite this, even with the early departure of Eas to collect his wife, we managed with 10 men to end the match with St Day on only 96/8. A victory by a magnificent 17 runs. Deep joy.
At one stage Gripper suggested I needed to calm down – after all it was “only a game.” Retirement has clearly made him soft and cuddly. There will be no calming down this season I can assure you…


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25/05/2011 – Methigion v Chacewater – h


Match report:


Every Napoleon has his Waterloo, and today’s match drifted the performance of the team this year slightly back towards the Gaussian distribution mean. But having said that, their skipper admitted on the way out for the toss they had done poorly this year, and I have a sneaky feeling their side was well stocked with their first team players – I plan to check their Division match reports.
Winning the toss and choosing to bat, very tight bowling first up yielded maiden after maiden, as Boycott 1, 2 and 3 steered us to a cautious 3 runs with almost a quarter of the match gone. Apparently “it was difficult” out there, particularly as it was raining and, unsurprisingly, despite Eas’s protestations, Chacewater were not keen to come off!! A gritty innings by Stead ended in an unfortunate run out, and thankfully for once I was not involved. The run rate sped up a bit, and a great knock at the end by Mitchelmore saw us finish on 82 for 6. Not a fantastic score, but defendable with tight bowling and a lot better than we would have thought at the halfway mark.
Hmm, tight bowling. All bowlers bowled well and tightly in fact, with a couple of really good wickets – 3-25 by Evans probably the pick of the bunch – but a new phrase has entered the Methigion lexicon. “There is a fine line between a full toss and a yorker” Steve told me, and how true that is. Unfortunately 1 or 2 “almost yorkers” in most overs resulted in the match ending in the 12th over for us. Again, there was the smell of the odd ringer about some of their batsmen, so I feel we can get some consolation from that fact. A great catch from Fletch and another near chance by Tony must also be noted.
Ahh well, a friendly tomorrow to relax with, and hopefully reduce the “almost yorker” count for Perranporth next week.

02/06/2011 – Perranporth v Methigion – a

1) P Mitchelmore

2) S Evans

3) I Bishop

4) D Farrar

5) J Fletcher


7) M Suleman

8) P Easwaran

9) A Patwardhan

10) P Arumugam

11) R van Lingen

12) E Botha


Match report:


The last match of the first round of Mining League fixtures, and the first real clue summer was finally here, as we started the match on a  Perranporth field bathed in sunlight. I had lost the toss and they had elected to bat – although the fading light is usually the problem at the end of the game, famously here it is the setting sun which shines directly into the eyes of the sea facing batsmen and fielders. Although we have had some close games this season, the reality was we had only won 1 and thus earned a miserly 2 points. I was very keen to improve on this, and we opened with Farrar and Botha. Both good spells, with Dave being unlucky not to pick up a couple of wickets, and Ettienne getting 2 (with multiple near miss edges it must be said), but their top order batsmen weren’t being prised out easily despite the very variable bounce. Right, I thought, I will send in Evans from one end, nice and straight and consistent to try and tie them down, and Suleman from the other, a bit of spin out of the sun to bamboozle them I thought. Hmm. The best laid plans and all that. For some reason Steve decided that he did not want to annoy the groundsman by scuffing up the wicket, and sent down full toss after full toss. He loves a bit of advice, does our Steve, and several no balls and boundaries later the ball was still flying around at waist height, with calls asking him to see if he could try and hit the deck being received with the usual aplomb. The 2 balls he did get to pitch promptly got him wickets – imagine if more had bounced!! Mudassar from the other end was turning the odd ball a mile but was getting a way with a lot of streaky leg side deliveries. We finished off with a very useful 3 overs from Bishop, making a welcome comeback from injury, and the final total was an acceptable but gettable 101.


Mithchelmore and Patwardhan opened for us, with Ash failing to trouble the scorers after being caught off a gift ball, and Mudasser fell early too after his great knock last week. The weather smiled on us, with cloud now obscuring the sun making life a little easier, although colder. Ian was clearly relishing throwing off the rust, and with Phil having a great anchoring innings at the other end the run was progressing exactly on target. Poor Bish was then adjudged LBW from probably the only straight ball he received, and had to sit in the stands while a series of gift bowlers sent down what I could only describe as dolly-droppers. Well, they were dolly-droppers from where we sitting, but they clearly must have had ferocious turn or something to them, as Steve elected to milk them for a single a ball to get our 5-6 runs an over. Or possibly it was tactical. Or like my cats he was just toying with them. How cruel. A 6 a ball would have been a lot kinder. My goading from the sidelines may have had something to do with the missed heave that had him bowled for 26, and with Phil falling in the 30’s, this left Eas and Aru to finish of the last few runs. Off a 10 year old. Which they did. Slowly. While losing a wicket. Meaning Dave had to go in for 1 ball. In the last over.


Unfettered joy! That rarest of commodities, a victory. Joking aside it was a fun game, with a comfortable chase in the end, and we now have 4 points. Special mention must also be made of Phil and Ettiene’s fielding – I know they are only young but great commitment diving around in their short positions in front of the wicket has saved us countless runs. Well done boys – keep it up while you can. You too will be old one day….


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07/06/2011 – Mt Hawke v Methigion – a

1) P Arumugam
2) P Mitchelmore
3) A Patwardhan
4) D Farrar
5) M Gripper
6) M Suleman
7) J Griffiths
8) P Easwaran
9) R van Lingen
10) M Stead
11) E Botha
12) A Lockyer – guest appearance!!
Match Details:

The return leg against Mt Hawke –  strongest side this year in our division, no games lost yet, top of the points table, rolled a lot of the other teams over easily way short of 20 overs they told me – I had been plotting and planning tactics all week.  11 of us will clearly remember losing  on the last ball of the last over a few weeks ago to them and I was keen for a good come back. I won the toss and elected to bat, and we got going as various members from both sides drifted in late due to the traffic. Despite a brief 5 minute interruption for rain we made good progress with part 1 of the plan to score as many runs as aggressively as possible so we had a decent total to defend.  Helped by a fast outfield and short straight boundaries we steadily accumulated runs despite a couple of wickets falling along the way. A quick 8 by Matthew with two 4s, lots of cheeky singles by Mudasser  and a useful 15 by Phil (despite giving them a lot of catching practice out  there!) I managed to steer us to 116 for 5 by the end. Although helped by second highest scorer extras at 18, Bunty their captain has to be credited with stopping us passing the 120 mark with some tight bowling at the death. He bowls pretty nifty skiddy leg breaks that are very difficult to get away.

There was a nice half time moment too when we caught up with the guest appearance of Andy Lockyer, and presented him with his Batsmen of the Year award from last year. Looking forward to his return. 

Well, the pitch was green and had a lot of variable bounce – was 116 enough to put some pressure on them?? For 17 overs it appeared so. Although they were just about keeping pace with the required run rate for the first half, we were fielding well, holding catches and bowling well and wickets were falling. Everyone had a great spell – Ettiene some nice bounce, Mudasser bowling some unplayable deliveries, Ash and Aru mixing up a couple of tight overs for us to keep the run rate down. A little flurry of wickets around the time Dave came on at the end and suddenly they were needing about 30 off 3-ish overs with 8 wickets down. Was this it? Could we maintain the pressure and score an epic victory?? Of course not – this is Methigion. Dave felt the singles they made while batting made the difference – I am afraid I disagree.  We took a lot of cheeky singles too. The difference was in 4 balls. Their rugby playing part timer came in, who usually scores a duck they tell me, came in and mowed agricultural cross batted boundaries. All off great full yorking balls – 3 sixes and a four – 22 runs off 4 balls, and the game was over at the end of the 19th over!!

I will be honest – this is the result I am most disappointed about this year. We played well, with great competitive belief, and we have lost before – it was just the fact that our plans so nearly came off against a strong side. Victory would have been all the sweeter for its rarity against Mt Hawke.

Ahh well, the 3 match winning streak had to come to an end at some stage. We unfortunately remain on only 4 points in the league at this point, but we continue to post decent scores and have competitive games, and I am sure we can snaffle a few more points in the weeks ahead.


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15/06/2011 – Methigion v Mt Ambrose – h

1) P Arumugam
2) A Patwardhan
3) T Shaw
4) A Edwards
5) D Farrar
6) M Gripper
7) J Griffiths
8) R van Lingen (inj)
9) N Walden
10) M Suleman
11) J Pring
on standby
12) E Botha
13) P Easwaran
Match report:
Methigion lost the toss and were asked to bat on a dry, grey evening at Boscawen Park. Edwards and Pathwarden got us off to a flying start with a 50 partnership scoring 35 and 21 respectively. Shaw, scoring 14, maintained the tempo briefly with Edwards, until the opener was out. The middle order stuck to their task doggedly, but were unable to maintain the run rate, so we ended with 101 for 6, a little disappointing given the opening flourish. Our frustrated, crocked, illustrious captain, striding the boundary in his Wellingtons provided us with a continuous torrent of invaluable encouragement and advice.
Methigion had a tight grip for the opening 8 overs, going for only 27, with some good bowling from Farrar and Pathwarden. Sadly the Mt Ambrose opening bat, “Sumo” to his friends, using Methigion as a cricket rehab facility, found his form after a lean period, and gave the bowlers in the second half a much tougher time. Even the wily Mudassar’s bowling guile didn’t have the answers. It is amazing how often players who have been doing badly with the bat in recent weeks find their form against Methigion. Perhaps there is a new cricket phenomenon, “The Methigion Effect”. Maybe we should sell it as a service to distressed out of form batsman. I will be writing to Andrew Strauss and KP and see whether they would like to buy some time with us.
Methigion cruised home into second place with our opponents having an over to spare.
An enjoyable game against agreeable opponents, with the result always in contention, another defeat without dishonour we do so well.  Thanks to all who played.

21/06/2011 – St Day v Methigion – a

1) A Patwardhan
2) D Farrar
3) J Garman
4) M Gripper
5) M Suleman
6) E Botha
7) M Stead
8) P Easwaran
9) R Thomas
10) R Davis +- Davis Jnr
11) Jason Farrar

Match Report:

Under blustery grey skies Methigion lost the toss and were asked to bat by our hosts. The outfield was verdant and slow, and the wicket was nearly as green and soft as the outfield. Luckily we had the benefit of two sons in the team, and a father Pathwarden amongst the spectators. Despite concerns about being short of players, by the start of the match we had 12, so Richard Thomas very generously stood down and scored. We also had a very welcome visit from Frank Haines, who umpired the second innings for us. Thanks Richard and Frank.


Jason Farrar made a spirited 23, successfully beating the old man’s 17 in the first half of the innings. I suspect he could have made 43 had he not been slowed by a rather sluggish batting partner with an eye on his average. Easwaran was the keystone of the second half with an uncharacteristically swashbuckling 31, well supported by Mudassar with 16. A total of 107 for 7, which is better than it sounds, given the difficulty in scoring boundaries through the long grass.


 St Day made an ominously brisk start with 25 in the first four overs, then slowed right down thanks to some excellent bowling by young Dan Davis who bowled four tidy overs for five runs, and took one wicket.  At 55 for 1 off 12 overs things were fairly evenly balanced. Temporary skipper Gripper fancied his chances on the wet wicket and was lucky to hit the stumps twice in his first over, quelle surprise. The balance tipped Methigion’s way. The home team however got going again with some big hits despite wickets falling and expensive overs 15,16 and 17, (two off the captain) left 30 needed by St Day off the last 3 overs for another Methigion defeat.  A very exciting passage of play ensued with a couple of run outs, one a direct hit by Jason Farrar, and with St Day needing thirteen off the last over, Methigion won by four runs.


Another thriller, this time with a good result for Methigion; thanks to all who played, particularly Jason and Dan who were almost certainly instrumental in our success.

29/06/2011 – Chacewater v Methigion – a

1) P Arumugam
2) A Patwardhan
3) T Shaw
4) J Fletcher
5) M Gripper
6) M Suleman
7) D Farrar
8) R van Lingen
9) P Easwarran
10) J Ellis
11) R Davis
Match report:
Chacewater at home  – the one side that had properly rolled us over earlier this year (they got the 82 needed in 12 overs!) – Adam warning me they were fielding a very strong side due to a couple of recent match cancellations  – what would the match bring?? As we walked out to toss I noted the hugely assymetrical square boundaries and a very green wicket. Strategies about favouring the fast bowlers first up and protecting the short leg side for the spinners were going through my mind as I won and elected to bat, but this would prove to be meaningless when we eventually came to field. Gripper and Patwhardan made a good start at the top of the innings, with Mark’s 6 off singles not really reflecting the correct intent he was addressing the bowling with. A more considered approach by Ash (33), with excellent back up by Mudasser (23) when he entered the fray, meant we had a very solid foundation going into the latter half of the innings. 1/2 an hour into the match and still no sign of Davis – turned out he had e-mailed me earlier in the week he couldn’t come. A blunder on my part, but Johnny negotiated his late attendance anyway, with Rich abandoning his daughter’s birthday party, much to my chagrin. And he got flashed by a camera on the way in!! Sorry Rich. Short 5-6 run contributions by several people down the order kept things ticking over, with a good 11 not out by Ellis (he should stop wasting his time with golf and play cricket exclusively) and a useful 18 extras (Fletch made the 1 poor lad bowl a 10 ball over – and was still a ball short) meant we finished on 114. Excellent, I thought, we may make this last to the 16th over this time.
Myself and Dave opened, but despite some good balls the one opener looked very aggressive and anything with pace and a little wide or short travelled quickly to the boundary. Spinners were a risky gamble with the short boundaries and green top, but I felt something had to be tried to mix matters up or we were facing a defeat in under 10 overs! Mudasser at one end, Ash after Dave’s spell at the other, and the brakes were firmly on. Their bowling must be credited for this – Mudasser is improving with every game, his leg breaks getting tighter, and his arm ball judicially used bowled their 2 openers, and Ash bowling a lovely line and length, gave them 2 for 16 and 13 off 4 respectively – very impressive. I think a tactical blunder by their captain sent some of their less talented batsmen in with instructions to “hit out or get out” – but fortunately they did neither and their run rate hit the doldrums. When Gripper failed to adhere to my hissed instructions to every bowler at the start of their over –  “whatever you do, don’t get them out” – it gave them their opportunity to send in one of their heavy hitters. A 6 and a 2 off his second and third ball and I thought we were once again facing ruin. And then an absolutley magnificent catch by Ash on the boundary off his 4th ball put paid to that!! That cruel mistress, Hope, was once again trying to escape from the sub-conscious dungeon I had locked her in. I kept rotating bowlers, 8 in total, as they vainly tried to scramble increasingly desperate singles. This only resulted in more wickets falling and a singular failure to find the boundary. A magnificent final over by “Daughter Abandoner” Davis, despite a couple of slightly hairy no balls, saw us home 6 runs ahead. Joy, rapturous joy!! Everybody was clearly delighted – every Methigionite that is. They were looking a little glum.
As in so many of our great matches this season, it is clear what a team sport it is, and you do well when the whole team does well. There is always the risk of forgetting to mention someones efforts when listing individual highlights, but on Wenesday everyone contributed: 8 bowlers, every one taking at least 1 wicket (ummm, except me), great catches by Mark and Ash, great fielding by everyone, with a couple of run outs, great keeping by Eas, everyone who batted contributing a quick few runs at the very least. A well deserved victory after some of our close encounters this year, and I am glad one of them has finally gone our way against the stronger sides. Shows you treat Methigion Cricket Club as a bit of batting practice at your peril these days….
Perranporth next week, last Mining League fixture of the year, lets hope we can continue the momentum.
Posted by Captain Bobby

19/07/2011 – Methigion v Perranporth – h – rescheduled

1) R van Lingen
2) D Farrar
3) Dalton Snr
4) J Fletcher
5) A Edwards
6) J Griffiths
7) A Patwardhan
8) I Bishop
9) J Garman
10) M Suleman
11) Dalton Jnr
Match report:
Re-scheduled match due to rain, and almost more drama as last minute change of venue due to double booking at Boscowen meant we played at Perranporth in slightly damp conditions. Winning the toss I elected to bat, and Bish and Mudasser got off to a great start with 24 and 30. Astonishingly slow pitch, and as the slower bowlers came on it became surpisingly difficult to get the ball away for runs. Andrew added to the score with a great 30 as well at 3, but a couple of late wickets with the inevitable end of innings hack-a-thon as we tried to push the final total meant we ended on 111 for 6. A little light I thought – I was hoping for 130 plus, particularly with the good start, and I was a little anxious – last league game of the season and I was very keen on a win.
Bish opened, and despite telling me he has lost a lot of his original pace I think he still scared the hell out of the batsmen!! Despite the mud he and then Andrew got a nice bit of bounce off a good length. Slow bowling from the other end with Ash and then Mudasser, which I thought was going to be key in these conditions, and although there was no plethora of wickets, the run rate was tight and we were looking increasingly confident despite Mudasser trying to claim a new end of year award – the longest over. We finished with Dave at one end and Marcello, Harry and finally John Griffiths at the other. Marcello is the future Dalton Jnr, and was great in the field and with the ball. Really nice nippy swinging medium pace, and was unlucky not to get a wicket. Also a heart stopping moment wshen he got drilled with a full blown straight drive, but thankfully recovered quickly. Even though it is technically a missed caught-and-bowled! Harry bowled a peach of a ball to dismiss one of their batsmen, and John, jealous of Mudassers attempt to win the longest over award tried to challenge this with the “Harmison bowl to third slip” award!! 87 for 4 at the end, and a comfortable win for the MCC.
Hopefully that will secure our place third on the table, and a good way to end the final game of the league season.
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